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Welcome to Cheeky Rose!

Welcome to Cheeky Rose! We are so grateful to have you be a part of our family. Cheeky Rose is an online boutique that was established in 2020 by us, Sophia and Bianca Ferranti, during a very unprecedented time with the COVID-19 pandemic unravelling all normalcy of our everyday lives.

We are sisters who come from a very close-knit family that is full of love, culture and bold personalities. We share many similar passions such as cooking, home décor, self-care, with family being at the top of the list. After conquering making masks during the quarantine, we pondered what else we could make that would represent us and our first thoughts were aprons and scrunchies because what two better accessories allow you to look stylish and maintain functionality around the house.

Aprons hold a special place in our hearts, as they are a major staple in our family and the idea was inspired by our mother. It’s her superhero cape in kitchen and who doesn’t want one of those? She’s never without it. Our family gathers and cooks together very often and each of us have our designated aprons that we wear while doing so. Aprons evoke many great memories for us from the countless holiday dinners, to the baking of cakes for a family members birthday or just the normal weekly Sunday dinner.

Here at Cheeky Rose, our mission is to inspire you to create memories, traditions and conversations with your loved ones through our bold, handmade products. Our prints are fun and playful and are sure to spark up a conversation during any activity you’re doing. We truly look forward to being your go to place when you need a little something to brighten your or a loved one’s day!