A Tale of Two Sisters

Hi there! We are Bianca and Sophia, the owners of Cheeky Rose! We are two sisters and have been through so much together. We have had our ups in downs, but what relationship hasn’t? The most important thing is that we are always there to support each through thick and thin. The phrase “that’s what family is for,” is a mantra that we live by daily!

We started Cheeky Rose with the goal to share our passion for creativity and food, and the dream of being our own bosses, in hopes of inspiring others to pursue their own dreams. Our idea came to life once the pandemic started and the “new normal” was reality. Having to stay home and being required to wear masks while going out sparked a new idea in us. We found, as many others did, that there was a shortage in masks. We bought sewing machines and decided to start making our own to help the many individuals who were unable to find proper masks at the time. We conquered the mask game and began pondering what else we could make that represents us. Aprons came to mind, and from there, we eventually opened our own online boutique! We are now proud small business owners and run our e-commerce shop out of Raleigh, North Carolina. We have now joined the world of food and lifestyle blogging and absolutely love it! Can you say girl boss gang?

The name Cheeky Rose was inspired by the heart of our family, Charlotte Rose, who is Sophia’s three-year-old daughter. We started calling her “cheeky little girl” because that girl has some serious southern sass! She is full of life and has a bold personality, which is what our brand is all about. We hope to show her what amazing things can happen when passion meets hard work. We also want to instill in her the importance of supporting those around you, including small business owners like ourselves. Our boutique will bring you all things cheeky. Through our handmade and colorful products, we hope to inspire you to be BOLD and create memories and traditions with the ones you love. We look forward to being your go to place when you need a little something to brighten your day!